Are you ready to learn the Art of Sugaring?

Maybe you’ve been looking for a new offering to add to your treatment menu or you’ve just graduated from your Esthetics or Cosmetology program and are in search of a specialty. Maybe you’ve never heard of Sugaring. Well, this ancient method of hair removal has a long history dating back to ancient Egypt but only arrived in the US in the late 1980’s. Since then the technique has been refined, improved and has evolved into the efficient and effective method I teach today. Over the last 10 years Sugaring has slowly but surely begun to gain attention and develop a following amongst ingredient conscious consumers in search of natural and more gentle alternatives. Sugaring is booming in cities like LA, Portland and Seattle and beginning to take hold here in Texas and on the east coast in cities such as NYC and Philadelphia. There has never been a better time to get certified in the Art of Body Sugaring! We believe the next 5 years will bring tremendous growth to this technique.

I loved getting certified in sugaring by Dalia she was an amazing instructor, very patient and informative. She also made it as easy process for me as possible.
Amanda, McKinney, TX
Dalia is an amazing educator and I really appreciate everything she taught us. She has some much knowledge in the spa business and one can tell she loves hair removal. I love what I do and learning from someone who does it well makes all the difference.
Kerissa, Laredo, TX
I really enjoyed my training class with Dalia. She really knows her hair removal her skills are on point she explained each step in the process thoroughly and let us practice and practice and practice. She had so many Models to practice one this class is such a hands¬ on class it’s wonderful.
Beatriz, Houston, TX
I had the extreme pleasure of having Dalia as an sugaring educator She went above and beyond to make the sugaring class happen in Austin with seven estheticians. She taught me all the Brazilian tricks and now I am so excited to be offering sugaring at my salons she has done many follow¬up visit with us on her way to the hill country she checks in on the estheticians and gives them such inspiration and sugaring tips! I really recommend learning anything and everything you can from her!
Thai, Austin, TX