Body Sugaring is an all natural method of hair removal and excellent alternative to waxing. Sugaring originated in Ancient Egypt and is one of the oldest methods of hair removal. The traditional method of Sugaring that I teach used a paste made from lemon, sugar and water. This marshmallow-puff like paste is applied by hand and molded onto the hair against the direction of hair growth. We then using a flicking motion to remove the Paste and the hair. Clients absolutely love Sugaring and as a practitioner for over six years I am excited to see the art continue to grow.

Some of the benefits of Sugaring include:

  • Sugar Paste is 100% natural, containing no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances that can be irritating to the skin.
  • Sugaring removes hair in the direction growth, helping to reduce breakage, ingrown hair and discomfort.
  • Sugar Paste is not hot! Sugar paste is only heated to room temperature which means there is ZERO risk of burning.
  • Sugar Paste is water soluble. Not only is it easy to clean up, you also have the ability to remove it after application with a warm, wet compress.

Sugaring can lead to quick refinement in your clients regrowth and eventually to permanent reduction of hair growth! Unlike wax, sugar paste is applied against the direction of growth and has the opportunity to seep into the follicle. Through this molding and seeping action, sugar paste is able to grab a hold of short hair and remove it much more ease than wax. With proper Sugaring technique you’ll be able to extract shorter hair while it is still in an active growth phase.

Sugaring is not only cost effective, but will also greatly reduce waste at your studio or salon. With Sugaring you’ll find that you are easily able to complete treatments on multiple areas without the need to use more product. Additionally, because traditional Sugaring uses a hand method for application, you’ll only need your sugar paste and gloves! No more sticks and strips!